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Jacksonville, Florida based Preston Pharmacy is  locally owned and operated by the Stiles family.  Their original website was built by the local telephone company, in conjunction with their local phone service.
After being up and active for more than 2 years, it’s best search ranking was page 5 of Google. buy diabetic supplies jacksonville fl 32211

Pharmacy owner Tim Stiles wanted to have a website that featured the Home Medical Equipment division of the company.  He also knew that he wanted a website where he could direct his clients to those products they were looking for information on.  Mr. stiles wanted a role in the process because he knew from experience that without oversight everything took longer.

His problem… Tim had no idea where start.

Our proposal included using our partner company to build his website.  One of their programs includes working directly with the business client, via telephone and email, from start to finish. Their business client’s website is a dynamic entity.  They expect and encourage change and involvement.  They specialize in websites that are specific to the business products keywords, and they are experts at optimizing for high search engine page rank.

Our proposal also included targeting specific high margin product categories, and to build Web 2.0 website properties specific to those categories.  Our goal was to achieve high page 1 search rankings for specific terms that people searching for products within those categories would be typing into Google.

Our 2nd goal was to dominate page 1 of Google for those search terms.

The targeted categories included “diabetic test strips”, “compression stockings”, “orthotic insoles”, “bath safety equipment” and several others.
SEO search diabetic test strips Jax Florida 32225

Within weeks the new website was on page 1 for broad term searches of “home medical supplies” and “home medical equipment”.

Research led to choosing “jacksonvillehomemedicalsupplies.com” for the URL.  The original Preston Pharmacy URL, prestonpharmacyjax.com, is redirected to the new URL.

Several of our “category specific” websites also rank on page 1 for their search terms.

Because there is limited space on page 1, our multiple rankings moved the pharmacy’s competitors off page 1, giving Preston Pharmacy a competitive advantage.

“We have had similar success with Preston Pharmacy’s Custom Pet Medication Compounding division, achieving page 1 rankings for several local keyword search terms.”

Below is a testimonial from Preston Pharmacy owner Tim Stiles:

"I contacted Kerry Mitchell at Local Internet Systems a few months ago concerning the difficulty we experienced when trying
to find our "phone book" web site using the key word searches, I felt represented our business' products.  Mr. Mitchell was
able to explain some concepts concerning web page search engine optimization, then put these ideas to work for us in
obtaining first page website showing for many of our important search terms.

The processes Mr. Mitchell utilizes to achieve page 1 results are numerous and methodical. He was able to get our site
on the Google local map in several categories, worked with me to get our business domain name to a more controllable
hosting location, and used other techniques to enhance our presence on search results.

Kerry was able to achieve such amazing results on our website ranking that I decided to redesign our entire website.
He recommended a partner company, the Site-Sell e-business building team, which designed a wonderful website for
us: (http://www.jacksonvillehomemedicalsupplies.com/)

Working with Mr. Mitchell and Local Internet Systems was painless and informative, and I am especially pleased with
the prompt response to my questions and suggestions via e-mail and phone calls. Kerry Mitchell, Local Internet Systems
and Site-Sell e-business made things happen for our website, which is getting our phone to ring with new, out of town
business, and he continues to give service and advise when needed."

Tim Stiles

Preston Pharmacy and Home Medical Supplies
Jacksonville, Florida



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