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A Number of Factors to Consider When Designing the Website for Your Business.

For your website to be successful and productive, there are a number of considerations to be undertaken when designing, building and maintaining your business website.  Each of these factors work in concert with each other and build upon the benefits offered be each individual component of the total website configuration.

For local businesses, a website’s functionality, authority, usability and search engine ranking, together with a host of other tangibles and intangibles are affected and enhanced through the interaction of many ever-evolving factors.  Some of the factors impacting your website’s effectiveness and performance are…

  • Keywords Used by Prospects and Potential Customers
  • Appropriately Chosen Domain Name
  • Responsive Website Hosting
  • Static vs. Dynamic Website Content
  • Current and Relevant  Information
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile Website Design Considerations
  • Alignment of Website’s Purpose with Functionality
  • Effective ‘Call To Action” or CTA
  • Well-Positioned “Unique Selling Proposition” or USP
  • Good integration of  Social Media and Social Networking opportunities
Each of these factors, along with many others,  help determine the effectiveness of how well your business engages its web-based prospects and enhances your customer’s internet experience.






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