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What is a Mobile-Optimized Website?

As a business owner, a few years ago, you went out a got a domain name and spent money on a website for your business.  So you may ask, “What’s wrong with my website?  Why won’t it work for mobile?”

Well, if your website has not been updated and optimized to display properly on a mobile device,  smartphone or tablet, then you may be turning away sales prospects or losing customers.  Look at these facts and to see why your company’s website needs to become “mobile-friendly”.mobile websites and mobile marketing Jax Fl. Florida

Reasons to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

    • Mobile device users keep their phones or tablets within arm’s reach over 90 percent of waking hours
    • Nielsen predicts that smart phones will account for nearly half of worldwide mobile sales by 2013. This is a clear indication of how much more the Internet will be accessed via mobile devices.
    • Americans today are spending an average of three hours per day on the Internet from their mobile devices.
    • Over the past few years, shipments of mobile handsets have grown 16% annually – reaching 400 million sold in the last quarter of 2010. Mobile device companies sold a total of 1.39 billion units in 2010. 
    • Approximately 30% of U.S. mobile phone users have a smartphone according to Nielson. This number is expected to grow to approximately 43% by 2015 according to eMarketer.
    •  In 2009, approximately half a BILLION people went online using their mobile device. This number is expected to double within the next 5 years… that’s a One Billion consumers! 
    •  By 2014, mobile Internet usage is expected to exceed desktop Internet usage.
    •  According to Nielson, 70% of mobile users plan to upgrade to 4G service within the next year so they can have faster Internet speed while using their mobile devices. 
    •  According to founder and CEO of, Jeff Bezos, customers around the world have ordered more than $1 BILLION U.S. dollars from using a mobile device. 

Gartner also predicts that by 2014, more people will access the internet from their mobile devices than from their PC desktops.

With this ongoing shift in consumer behavior and buying patterns, can you afford to ignore “Mobile” and its potential affect on your business?



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