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Reputation Marketing is building a 5 star reputation online and, and using proven strategies, marketing that reputation to get more customers.

Would you like to know how to get your phone to ring with hot pre-qualified customers every single day?

Then you’re going to need to learn the secret that very few companies know about. Ordinary companies have learned the secret, and they are getting ten to twelve new customers every single week, and your business can too!

The secret is simple! They have a five-star reputation on the internet!
They have dozens of amazing reviews from their clients and customers online.
More importantly they have five star reviews on the right web sites to get massive amounts of exposure.

We’ve developed our 5 Star Reputation Report website to allow you to dominate your market.

By helping you create a five-star reputation and showing you how to market that reputation to get rock star status in your city, to position yourself as the market leader.

CLICK HERE to let our proprietary software search the entire web to give you an instant report.

The report will show you if your business is being found on the most important sites. Our system will do an exhaustive search for all the reviews about your company online, and within seconds it will create a report for you with your reviews and your reputation score.

The Reputation Report will have detailed insights on citation and authority websites your business MUST be listed on.
Typically reports like this take several hours in market research, and can cost hundreds of dollars, but for this limited time you can take advantage of our patent-pending research system for free.

Click the Local Business Marketing Report image below to get started.

Reputation Marketing Strategies - Local Internet Systems Jacksonville Florida


Google Local Business Listings – 2015 Update

Google local business listings can appear in 3 places in the search results for Google.

Business listings can appear in Google Maps, in Google+ and within the organic Google web results. Since Google owns the lion’s share of local search traffic AND
organic jacksonville lasik eye surgerysearch traffic, it’s very important that both your website and your local listing rank well in Google in order for searchers to discover your company.

Before your Google listing can rank at all in either Google Maps or in the Local Packs of search results, you have to get listed and that’s not always as easy as it may sound. Sometimes, it’s not possible to create a listing, sometimes you can’t get it verified and sometimes it never goes live because it doesn’t make it through Google’s review and approval process. This can sometimes be due to a bug on Google’s end, but much more often, it’s because you’ve violated one or more of Google’s requirements for having a business listing.

Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google

We’ve come up with a list of guidelines for local businesses to maintain high quality information on Google. Following these guidelines helps avoid common problems, including changes to your information, or, in some cases, removal of your business information from Google. [READ MORE]


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