No effective defenses from these Bad USB malware attacks!

Bad USB malware attacks and the security of USB devices.

badusb malware local internet systems Jax Fl

Black Hat, the most controversial information security conference in the world, kicks off this week in Las Vegas with a topic that affects nearly every consumer:

USB — or Universal Serial Bus — is the ubiquitous port found on nearly every laptop and desktop. It’s what you use to connect everything to your computer — cameras, smartphones and of course, USB keys. And now, two German-based researchers say it’s a huge risk.

Karsten Nohl and Jacob Lell are scheduled to unveil their findings about the vulnerability of USB on Wednesday at Black Hat, and they’ve already begun insinuating that everyone should throw away their USB keys and fill their ports up with hot glue.

No effective defenses from Bad USB malware attacks are known,” write Karsten Nohl and Jacob Lell in a blog post, later adding, “Once infected, computers and their USB peripherals can never be trusted again.” [read more]


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