When’s the Last Time You Looked in the Phonebook? Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work!

Business Owners realize traditional marketing methods are outdated.

These dated-methods lack a Return on Investment and they don’t provide an easy, measurable way to track or measure effectiveness… not like what is
available with today’s social, mobile and internet marketing opportunities.

online internet marketing strategies for today's Jacksonville Florida business owner from Local Internet Systems, 830-13 North A1A, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 and telephone (904) 686-9601

  • Can you even find your Yellow Pages™ book?  … or do you just throw it in the recycling bin when it is left on your doorstep?
  • Did you remember to incorporate a tracking phone number or code to measure lead generation from your yellow pages ad?

  • Do you still have a newspaper subscription?  Can you remember the last newspaper ad you read?
    With the proliferation of online, visual and interactive media, a once-a-day two-dimensional black & white media is a dinosaur!
  • How many billboards do you see on your drive to work? Probably not many, right?  You are too busy texting!
    Seriously, they used to benefit businesses, but with so many signs along the highway screaming for our attention, they lose impact.
  • Value-Bonus or Money-Pak or SuperDealz mailers or coupon magazines?

    Or, How about

  • Television? or even…
  • Radio?  Why not just use billboards?

In today’s marketplace,
Internet Search
is where your prospective patients, clients or customers go, First!

Your future customers are using their mobile phones, in ever-increasing numbers, to find and compare those services or products they need — your products or services —  the ones they are actually going to buy, which is why online internet marketing is critical to getting your new patients, clients or customers.


Local Internet Systems can get your business in front of those searching for your services or products.new patients clients customers Jacksonville Florida online internet marketing

Local Internet Systems has internet marketing systems that can help your medical practice, client firm or business get new Patients, Clients or Customers online for your business.
We use current, proven online internet marketing competitive analysis strategies to see which Medical Practices and Client Firms in you market area have the best “page rank” placement, have the highest number of reviews and are currently getting get the majority of the “clicks”. Our FREE analysis will show you where your business is, relative to its online competition, and provide an online internet marketing plan for getting to where your business or practice needs to be, in order to get the phone ringing with high quality leads for new patients, clients and customers.
The plan will also demonstrate how Local Internet Systems can help your medical practice, client firm or business  get current patients, clients and customers coming back more often, increasing their “lifetime value” using proven internet marketing techniques.

Local Internet Systems offers a number of different online internet marketing strategies and services designed to generate high quality leads, specific to your business, for new patients, clients and customers, in Florida and throughout the country.  Call today to find out what would work in your special situation.


Together with improving new customer, client and patient acquisition and retention for local businesses and professionals, Local Internet Systems offers additional internet marketing services, such as :

  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention
  • Google Places & Map Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Mobile Text Marketing
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Custom Facebook Business Pages
  • LinkedIn Business Profile Optimization
  • Groupon ROI Maximization
  • And much, much more!
For a no-obligation marketing audit of the online internet marketing presence for your
Medical Practice, Client Firm or business,
To Get New Patients, Clients or Customers Online Internet Marketing,  please contact us at:
info.request [at] localinternetsystems.com
 Telephone: 904-686-9601 

Ever Wonder How Facebook Reach is Determined?

The short answer here is that no one knows exactly how Facebook reach determined.

What we do know is that the process is complicated. According to Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom, as many as 100,000 individual weights go into the model for Facebook reach that produces a news feed.

Facebook EdgeRank formula

So the solution to declining Facebook reach is not as simple as tweak this or fiddle with that.

There are a few elements of the algorithm that are public knowledge, including the following:

  • Post types (e.g., photos vs. text vs. video) that receive the most interaction from a user
  • Which posts a user hides or reports as spam
  • A user’s interaction with Facebook ads
  • The device and Internet speed of a user

In addition, the three pillars of EdgeRank, Facebook’s original news feed ranking system, remain part of the current news feed algorithm.

Affinity – This refers to your relationship with the user, how much he or she interacts with your page.

Weight –  Facebook places priority based on post type, giving top priority to videos and photos.

Decay – How old is your post? The longer your post has been around, the less likely it will be to show up in news feeds.

Here is a snippet of an infographic by PostRocket that sums up how these EdgeRank factors work: [Read More]

Mobile Websites – 3 Steps To Remember

There are 3 simple things to remember when making the move to mobile websites.

2014 is the year to make your business website mobile friendly because, on average 60% of website traffic is coming from mobile users and that number is projected to grow even higher by 2015. That is why most small businesses are already making the move to becoming mobile friendly. mobile websites Jax Fl

Keep It One Column

Traditional websites were designed with multiple columns many times. New responsive mobile websites should be designed with only one column. This may seem like moving backwards but instead it is more sleek, simple and easy to use, especially for smartphones and tablets.

The biggest complication with having more than one column is re-sizing your website for different sized screens. With devices coming in many different shapes and sizes, a truly responsive website design will fit them all. Re-sizing columns to fit enlarged fonts can make creating a responsive design difficult and even break the design on mobile devices.

Don’t Use Sliders

Mobile devices are becoming more and more like computers, offering the same functionality such as javascript, jquery and flash. However, [Read More]

Posted on Apr 16, 2014   ·   News, Search Engine Marketing

Yelp Reviews Replace Yahoo Local Business Reviews

Yelp reviews replace Yahoo Local Business reviews, frustrating business owners.

Local Business Owners Complain That Years of Good Reviews Are Being Sent to the Trash

yelp reviews on yahoo local business pages
A recent deal by Yelp Inc. to provide business listings for Internet searches on Yahoo Inc. is getting bad reviews from some small-business owners, who say years of positive feedback from customers have vanished from Yahoo.

San Francisco dog trainer Beverly Ulbrich says the Yahoo Local profile for her business, Pooch Coach, had roughly 20 positive reviews but now generates an error message. “That’s the link I used to send people to check out my business,” says Ms. Ulbrich, who gets up to five customers a week.

A Yahoo search for her business now displays a link to 22 “recommended” reviews on Yelp, giving Pooch Coach an average rating of 21/2 stars. “You just feel helpless,” she says.

Roughly 95% of consumers say they use the Internet to find local businesses, and 85% say they read online reviews, according to a study last year by search-engine-optimization consultant BrightLocal. Yahoo accounted for 10.3% of all online searches in February, behind Google Inc., with 67.5%, and Microsoft Corp.’s Bing, with 18.4%, according to Internet-research firm comScore Inc.

In a deal announced in February by Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer, Yelp’s business listings, including consumer reviews and photos, are displayed whenever users search Yahoo for local services, from restaurants and stores to beauty salons and chiropractors.

Since mid-March, new reviews about a business posted on Yelp replace reviews that had been posted on Yahoo Local, the Web portal’s own consumer-review tool. Until a new Yelp review is posted, the Yahoo reviews remain. The listing changes apply for desktop, smartphone and tablet users, as well as for search results on Yahoo Maps. [read more]


Angus Loten
April 9, 2014


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