Mobile Responsive Website Load Speed Penalty

Load Speed Penalty Coming To Mobile WebSites

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced at SMX Advanced that they are likely going to roll out a version of the website speed ranking factor for mobile website page speed penalty

Back in 2010, the search engine giant said website speed is a ranking factor. Google’s Matt Cutts said expect something similar to come to mobile search soon.

This morning, It was announced that demotion factors for mobile websites are certain, but they did not announce website speed as one of those demotion factors. That is because that feature is not yet live but it is coming soon, and Matt wants webmasters and SEOs to prepare.

Jun 11, 2013 at 8:45pm ET by

WARNING!! Mobile website speed a mobile search ranking factor!!

Time to get a dedicated mobile website (NOT Mobile Responsive) that is light, fast, designed for the best mobile user experience and conversions ASAP! 
For LOCAL businesses a dedicated mobile site is a MUST HAVE now, in addition to a mobile responsive website.
They can have a mobile responsive website for Tablets but make sure they have a dedicated mobile website for smartphones.
Businesses must make sure that the mobile redirect script only redirects for smartphones. The responsive version can direct to tablets

OUR MOBILE WEBSITE REDIRECT SCRIPT has been redesigned to NOT redirect on tablets,
where the mobile responsive website will be displayed.

Contact us for a demonstration!

What is a Responsive Mobile Website, Dedicated Mobile Website and Mobile App?

As more and more people access the internet on the go,
how a mobile website functions becomes important.

mobile website and desktopA mobile optimized website is quickly becoming the best tool available for people to locate you, contact you, find and buy your business’s products and services.

Which approach is the best approach for mobile devices, a responsive web design, a dedicated mobile site or a mobile app?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of mobile website…

A “Responsive” Website:

Responsive websites are an approach that adjusts regular website content and layout to screen size, orientation and each particular device.
Responsive design can display content on desktop PCs, tablets or mobile devices.

Advantages of “Responsive” Mobile Website:

  • Lower costs – Only one website to design and maintain
  • Consistent – The website contains the same content, over varying platforms, so users have a consistent experience
  • One domain name –  no redirection necessary and sharing content is easier

Disadvantages of “Responsive” Mobile Website:

  • Optimization – Content will not be fully optimized for mobile devices, forcing scrolling or “pinching”
  • Slower Loading – mobile pages may larger file sizes than desktop
  • Usability problems – mobile users may to perform different tasks from desktop users

Mobile Specific Website:

A dedicated mobile website is a separate version designed specifically for mobile devices,
and users are automatically redirected to the mobile site when on a mobile device.
Generally, a prefix or suffix is added to the main domain (e.g. becomes or,

Advantages of a Mobile-Specific Site

  • Specific content – separate mobile and desktop content with navigation buttons customized for mobile users
  • Speed – optimized and streamlined site for the mobile user experience
  • Quick implementation – a separate mobile-only site can often be built and launched quickly at fairly low expense

Disadvantages of a Mobile-Specific Site

  • Two domain names – may affect SEO. Sharing content on social media could be an issue
  • Redirection – mobile users will be redirected to the mobile website, possibly adding additional page load time
  • More work – having two different websites to manage and maintain

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are small programs that are downloaded to mobile devices. Mobile apps can be used for sales, marketing or training  by your target market.
Apps are usually small, and they focus on solving one specific function.

Mobile App Advantages:

  • Fast – a mobile app loads in seconds and are both responsive and dedicated mobile websites
  • Available Offline – always available even when the user is offline
  • Mobile Phone features – apps can use your phone’s features such as cameras and GPS location

Disadvantages of Mobile Apps:

  • Must be downloaded – Mobile users have shown a reluctance to downloading most mobile apps
  • Maintenance – Mobile apps may require maintenance in order to keep users engaged, and they have to adapt to operating system changes
  • Mobile Platform  – mobile apps are limited to iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7.
  • Promotion – Mobile apps must be promoted to Mobile device users.  They are not typically “found” by the search engines.

We can answer your questions or help you optimize your mobile website. please contact us, we’ll be happy to help.


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